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Self-learning is the key to the happiness and success. Learning is the never-ending process and we should not stop to learn something new which we love the most.

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Learning through Happy Experiences. Learning should be a process of empowerment and an endeavor of happiness pursuit.

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The process of learning is that foundation. Learning is more important than the outcome. And those who understand this — always win.

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Imagine a world in which studying is actually enjoyable. A world where you set goals and actually accomplish them. Where you find guidance where you need it, and you feel supported. Where you see progress and can celebrate your achievements alongside many peers - where someone is always there for you!

Dong A University - ST21A1A

Dong A University - ST21A1A

Private group · 36 members
Braly JSC

Braly JSC

Private group · 29 members

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Trung Hoang testimonial


NelieX helps me and my kids to keep a study diary and share learning experiences with others

Trung Hoang

Agile Trainer/Coach
Anh Nguyen testimonial


NelieX helps me support our kids' learning at home and accompany them

Anh Nguyen

Project Manager
Tuan Le testimonial


NelieX helps inspire me to improve myself by self-learning and live each day to its fullest

Tuan Le

Software Developer
Dao Le testimonial


NelieX helps me maintain self-study motivation every day

Dao Le

IT Trainer
Dung Hoang testimonial


NelieX helps my kids learn with their friends remotely anywhere, anytime

Dung Hoang


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